Course Duration – 45 Hours


Functional Module: HCM(Core)


Technical: Integration Core and Reporting


Core HCM Module


Core Concepts and Navigation Basics




    Core Concepts


    Business Objects


    Basic Navigation


    Additional Navigation Topics


Organizations in workday




Supervisory organizations




Create a Supervisory Organization.


Create Subordinate Organization


Additional Organization Types and Hierarchies


Organization Assignments on Supervisory Organization.

Staffing Models


Various types of Staffing Models


Hiring Restrictions


Differentiating staffing models

Jobs and positions


Job profiles


Differentiating Jon Profiles, Job families and job family groups


Creating positions and jobs


Managing filled and Unfilled Positions and Jobs



Compensation overview


Compensation Eligibility Rules


Compensation rules


Compensation Grades


Compensation plans


Compensation Package

Hiring Workers


Process overview


Hire Process

Configuring Business Processes


Business Process Framework


Business Process Configuration Options


Business Process Functionality


Business Process and Sub process


Transactions in Workday


Create a Pre-Hire


Hire Process


Staffing Movements




Workday Integration Course Content


Report Writer


Calculated Fields


Simple Integrations with EIB         


Core connectors & Document Transformation


Workday Studio (Over View)


Report Writer


Reporting Overview


Building Custom Reports


Sorting and Filtering




Totaling, Grouping, and Outlining


Report Security


Scheduling Reports


Calculated Fields


Build Date


Concatenate Text


Convert Currency


Count Related Instances


Date Constant


Date Difference


Evaluate Expression


Extract Multi-Instance


Extract Single Instance


Format Date


Format Number


Increment or Decrement Date


Lookup Range Band


Lookup Related Value


Lookup Value as Of Date


Numeric Constant


Sub-string Text


Text Constant


Text Length


True/False Condition


Integrations with EIB


Outbound EIB


Inbound EIB


XSLT Transformation


Core Connectors and Document Transformation


Creating outbound integration with core connector Worker


Document transformation


Creating inbound integration with Core connector Organization inbound


Integration Security


Creating Integration System User (ISU)


Creating Integration System Security Group (ISSG)


Assign ISSG to Integration, Domain Security Policies & Business Process

security Policies to grant the appropriate security to the ISU’s.


Scheduling Integrations using ISU’s





Workday Studio introduction and basics



Workday Training Benefits


*Hands On Training Materials  


* Workday Training with Real Time Projects 


* Resume Preparation 


* Interview Preparation 


* Mock Interviews to Identify Confidence Level In Workday  


* Reference through Strong Industry Network



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