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SAS Training – Best SAS Training in Chennai

Bound techs solutions offer SAS Training(Online & class room training in Chennai). We give SAS training with “real – time projects”. We have a crew with highly  professionalized SAS trainers, those are working  in top MNC’s .  During  SAS  training you will learn with real- time “corporate projects”. So that you can get hands on experience in SAS. Apart from training, our trainers  whose working in corporate will share guidelines to get placements. So we are the best  SAS  online training and SAS class room training center in Chennai.

Image contain sas software logo and following alphabets - SAS . It represent SAS trainingTraining with Real Time Projects  –  World Class Tutorship  –  Placement Assistance  –  Online & Class Room Training


What is SAS 

SAS  application is a best and user friendly  Business Intelligence (BI)  tool that’s  used by organization’s for strategic planning and measure their performance. SAS provides a graphical user interface for non-technical users and more advanced options through the SAS language.

SAS programs provide “wide range of data analysis and extraordinary data management tasks. It  can fetch, alter, manage and retrieve data from a variety of sources and perform statistical analysis on it. We train following ,

  • SAS Basic
  • SAS Clinical
  • SAS Advance
  • SAS BI


SAS Training Module

(Duration – 40 Hrs)


Introduction to SAS / Getting Started

  • Introduction to SAS Programming Language
  • BASE SAS Software
  • Why SAS?
  • Overview of SAS Products
  • Steps of a SAS Program
  • DATA Step vs. PROC Step
  • Data types in SAS


Getting Started

  • Missing Value Representation in SAS
  • SAS Programming Rules
  • Rules for Creating Variable Names
  • My First SAS Program


Basic  Concepts

  • _N_ & _ERROR_
  • Program Data Vector (PDV)
  • DATA Step’s Built-in Observation Loop
  • SAS Program Flow of Execution
  • Reading from External File


Basic Concepts/Working with the DATA Step

  • Variable Declaration
  • Reading same record more than once
  • Scope of DATA and PROC Steps
  • Operators in SAS
  • Commenting in SAS
  • SAS Data Libraries
  • Reading a SAS Dataset


Working with the DATA step

  • Dataset Options and Options Statement
  • SAS Informants & Formats
  • Working with SAS Date and Time
  • Styles of input
  • Writing to an external file


SAS Procedures

  • SAS Procedures


SAS Programming Concepts

  • Retaining Variable Values
  • Automatic Variables
  • Titles and Footnotes
  • Conditional Processing
  • Iterative Processing
  • Conditional Iterative Processing:
  • Other Data Step statements


SAS Programming Concepts/Built-in Functions in SAS

  • Arrays in SAS
  • Arithmetic Functions
  • String Functions


Built-in Functions in SAS / Merging and Combining SAS Data Sets

  • Date Time Functions
  • Combining Vertically
  • Concatenating
  • Interleaving
  • Combining Horizontally
  • One-to-one reading
  • One-to-one merging
  • Updating
  • Performing JOINS in DATA Step


Statistical Procedures




  • PROC SQL Basics
  • The SELECT Statement and its Clauses
  • Creating Output Tables
  • Summarizing & Grouping Data
  • Querying Multiple Tables
  • Limiting no of rows to be read and displayed
  • Using Operators in PROC SQL
  • Calculated Values
  • Enhancing Query Output


Introduction to MACROS

  • SAS Macro
  • Advantages of the SAS Macro Facility
  • Macro variables
  • Automatic and User defined macro variables
  • Macro Processor and the flow of execution
  • Creating macro variables in run time


Introduction to MACROS

  • Macro Programs
  • Using Macro Parameters
  • Scope of Macro variables
  • System Options
  • Condition execution in Macro
  • Iterative processing in Macro
  • Built-in Macro Functions


Help on SAS

  • Debugging SAS Programs
  • Creating Efficient SAS Codes


SAS Training (Online)

Bound tech solutions Chennai,  provide SAS online training  for student’s from other states and country  via skype, Google Hangouts,Citrix  etc… Online training is more convenient for oversees students and  working people. Online training more flexible with us. We are the best SAS online training Institute.


SAS training in Chennai (Classroom Training)

We also conduct classroom training with our highly configured world class training rooms. You can easily reach our center form Chrompet, Tambaram and Sanitorium. We are the best  SAS  training  institute in Chennai.