About us

Being the front running leader in IT Software Training sector Chennai Academy holds the prestigious yet inevitable place in guiding students within short time. To manage a company well planned training we do follow a a social process by which it consists of processes consist of planning, control, co-ordination and motivation of students towards shaping their IT skills.

Based on this our Chennai Academy in Chennai is a well-planned one in providing computer language training. We are teamed up with the co-coordinators in dealing with all the computer programming languages subjects, lectures, problems solving and conclusions. We also motivate the student’s like freshers, job seekers and persons working in MNC’s. We achieved this training provision part in a successful manner.


Chennai Academy entails great responsibility for the trainees who will undergo professional training. The company will clearly understand more about one’s own capacity, talents, skill and weaknesses and we are guiding based on our technology so that our mental training will be focus orientated in dealing the trainees. We know our goals to be accomplished in each and every training we provide. To achieve our goals i.e.) giving perfect IT training in all the supplementary courses related to software field to the needy people minds in a clear way without any doubts by applying latest technologies,infra structures, systems for practice and procedures available with us.

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Placement Companies

  • accentureaccenture
  • csscss
  • CyberLinkCyberLink
  • HPHP
  • TechTech
  • verizonverizon
  • wiprowipro